We are excited to announce Chuck Styles' collaboration with EA Sports. Chuck is the first fine artist to do a Madden cover but there was also another major factor that had to be taken into consideration. This was not only a Madden cover, which is already a huge deal to say the least but this was also the year they wanted to use the Madden cover to honor the legendary John Madden. John Madden died on December 28, 2021. Electronic Arts mentioned this cover for Madden NFL 23 was used to honor the Pro Football Hall of Fame icon and is meant to be a tribute for his life and contributions to the game. During a news release, Chuck mentions this opportunity to partner with EA Sports is a full circle moment for him because he grew up loving football and playing in West Philadelphia. It's likely a safe bet to say most people have heard about the Madden video games at some point in their lifetime. It's also likely safe to say if you're a football fan, you've likely seen or heard about John Madden. From playing the Madden video games throughout his childhood to watching NFL games on TV, Chuck felt this was a way to pay homage to someone who has been so synonymous with football. Madden has been very important to both sports and video game culture. The way John Madden has influenced the sport itself along with the Madden video games really shows how impactful his life has been for so many of us. Plus, who can forget about those Madden tournaments held by friends and family members? Madden NFL 23 will feature three unique covers and Chuck's design will be featured on the All Madden Edition. Chuck is very grateful for being able to be apart of this historic moment and in the words of Chuck himself, "This feels like Draft Day and a Super Bowl win at the same time."

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