LIVE HEALING: When the World Danced Together

I believe I was on Day 8 or 9 of being quarantined in my house with my wife and kids. Still managing this new way of life being confined to the house admits the Corona Virus that put the entire world on halt. I was already working on my series reflecting the quarantine and everyday life when I got wind of DJ DNice putting on Instagram Live sets for 8 to 9 hours.

For those that follow my IG, you know I LOVE MUSIC. Music is my Muse. Deciding to set my phone down and work Saturday Night and lock in on DNice’s Live Set, I witnessed what was literally the biggest gathering of people, famous and non famous, having a great time being uplifted by the music he played. 

While doing artwork I felt the energy of community and togetherness during a time when EVERYONE was instructed to stay alone and indoors. That’s when I knew this was a special moment and would love to document it artistically for World Record. I was moved and tired all at once when I made the decision to start this piece “Live Healing” at 2:30am Sunday Morning and work pretty much non stop until it’s release at 6:15pm. 

What started as a piece birthed from admiration and inspiration quickly turned into the viral artwork that would attach itself to DJ DNice’s Legendary moment. The artwork was shared and seen by thousands! Shared by my everyday supporters, DJ DNice himself, DJ Khaled, and landing on Mrs. Michelle Obama’s site www.! What an honor to be apart of something so big and positive. 

To continue Paying It Forward with positivity during this dark time, I’ve decided to dedicate my craft for the good of the people. Partial proceeds will go to PHL CoVid19 Fund in efforts to help elderly, disabled, homeless and economically disadvantaged residents of Philadelphia as well as World Health Organization (WHO) with purpose to help against CoVid19.