NASCAR and Black History

NASCAR contacted Chuck Styles to create artwork to commemorate Wendell Scott, NASCAR's first Black driver. Chuck was thrilled to create artwork that highlights Wendell Scott and he was also excited to learn his artwork would be featured during NASCAR's Cup Series which is NASCAR's top racing series. Throughout his career, Wendell Scott endured racial discrimination. Some spectators would shout racial slurs, some booed him, and there were even some prejudiced drivers who would deliberately wreck his car. However, despite all the adversity that came with being NASCAR's first Black driver, Wendell Scott began to win people over due to his skills as a mechanic and driver along with his work ethic and his ability to face the challenges that came with widespread racial prejudice in the 1950's. Scott won two championships in 1959 and during the 1963 season he became the first Black racer to win the Grand National (now NASCAR Cup Series). Scott was inducted into the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame in 1999 and the NASCAR Hall of Fame on January 30, 2015. Chuck has expressed how grateful he is for the opportunity to not only honor Wendell Scott but for people to have a chance to celebrate a legend.

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