RUN FREEDOMCY: Closing our BHM with a BANG!

This February’s Black History Month we were able to celebrate new accomplishments, mourn fallen legends, and highlight our civil leaders. The death of Kobe and his daughter Gianna Bryant made it hard to celebrate tho, if I can honest. One thing that I always enjoy when creating my artwork is finding new and innovative ways to show my audience something new but yet familiar. Bridging two worlds or having multiple audiences come together to create a unity or shared conversation. Creating unique ways to reintroduce our leaders to a younger audience for them to digest and want to learn more. What better way to finish this month on a high note than to showcase a few Legendary Black Leaders inspired by HipHop’s most Legendary Group RUN DMC. 
Frederick Douglas, Nelson Mandela, and Marcus Garvey “RUN FREEDOMCY”. 

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