WE MATTER by Chuck Styles

We live in a society where the term Black Lives Matters used to address the disproportionate numbers of black citizens who are wrongfully killed by law enforcement, wrongfully convicted, and constantly subjected to subliminal racism, upsets people. We just simply state that, WE MATTER. That is all.

WE MATTER in a sense that we would like to be address by officers of the law without guns drawn first. WE MATTER in a sense that we would like to spend a peaceful time in public spaces without having the law called upon because someone feels like we don’t belong in the neighborhood. WE MATTER in a sense that we know the system is set up against us and we will continue to fight for equal judgment and opportunities.

Yet on a daily basis those words are met with opposition, hate, or confusion by so many. The brutal and cold murder of George Floyd sent an injustice wave around the world causing the largest protest in world history. A movement that caused Washington DC Mayor Bowser to dedicate H St to “Black Lives Matter Plaza” which sits in front of the White House. A movement that brought about over 100,000 protesters to march down Philadelphia streets from the Art Museum to City Hall.

It was beautiful to watch unfold as it still continues to carry on throughout the days. Let us not only march, protest, and post. WE must actively fight to change systems and legislation, vote for the right people with power, and combat systemic racism if there will be a day that WE MATTER to not only us but everyone.


Please feel free to listen to my “BLM” music playlist that I’ve curated along with Support Foundations you may get involved with.








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