Wrapping Up Project70 with Topps

Chuck Styles has officially released his final card for Topps Project70. A total of 20 cards was designed by Chuck. This project started with his Hank Aaron card and ended with his Jackie Robinson card. The other players featured in his set were Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., Mickey Mantle, Mookie Betts, Josh Gibson, Willie Mays, Satchel Paige, Bo Jackson, Shohei Ohtani, Ernie Banks, John "Blue Moon" Odom, Fernando Tatis Jr., Larry Doby, Andrew McCutchen, CC Sabathia, Cal Ripken, Roberto Clemente, and Mike Trout. Although Chuck's cards features players from all different walks of life, Chuck felt as a visual storyteller, he wanted to make sure he could use his artwork to uplift Black voices. The reason Jackie Robinson was chosen as his last card was because of what it meant for Jackie Robinson to be in MLB. Jackie's involvement in the game made it possible for other athletes on this list to play in MLB and because of how influential he was, Jackie had to be his final card. On behalf of Chuck, we would like to say thank you to Topps and for everyone who have shown their support throughout Project70. This was truly a remarkable experience and we hope these cards will continue to have a positive impact for years to come.

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