New Artwork “RAPSODY:NINA” by Chuck Styles

September 6, 2019


So the supreme hip hop lyricist Rapsody released her album EVE with a creative tracklist with titles paying homage to legendary women throughout past and current history. She opens her album with a seducing track called “NINA”. WHOA! With Nina Simone being the most sampled artist in music, I’ve never heard a track do “Blood on the Leaves” that felt so authentic, original yet respectfully incorporated. I listened to the intro about 80 times repetitively as I created this piece. This Song puts you in a TRANCE! 

Entitled “RAPSODY: NINA”, this piece is the perfect fusion of the two music artists as visually how I see it. Both having equal parts on this song with their sound, energy and message. 

The Instagram art post went viral gaining the attention of Rapsody herself! She showed me great love and support posting me on all her social platforms and sending me a direct message of Thank You’s! I look forward to working with her in the future!


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