KITH x Marvel bring X-Men to San Diego Comic Con

Kith x Marvel release an EXCLUSIVE SNEAKER collaboration during this year’s Comic Con with 7 Asics all adorning unique color ways symbolizing the iconic 90’s X-Men characters. This comes in celebration of 60 years of X-Men being apart of American Pop Culture. 

Bringing back classic 90’s nostalgia with grand reveals, each sneaker comes to a surprise to the buyers as they cannot choose which sneaker will be revealed to them upon opening, giving buyers a random 1 out of 7 chance of getting the sneaker they secretly want. As well as that surprise, they come with a limited PSA graded recreation of the 1992 Uncanny Series 1 X-Men card. 


The X-Men x KITH collection will be publicly available following the San Diego Comic Con reveal at all KITH shops and online on July 28th.

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