Urban Youth Racing School Grand Prix of Philadelphia with Kyle Larson and Friends

Chuck Styles had the opportunity to participate in the Urban Youth Racing School Grand Prix with Kyle Larson and Friends. Chuck was not only in attendance, he was also a driver. The UYRS Grand Prix is meant to help raise awareness for motorsports and to offer resources for children who may be interested in driving professionally someday. Think of it as NASCAR's little league. By having this event and hopefully more events similar to this one, kids who may be curious about professional driving but aren't sure how to get involved will be more familiar with the UYRS. The Grand Prix consisted of multiple teams and each group also had a NASCAR member to essentially help with coaching. Despite being a first-time driver for this event, Chuck and his team went on to win the entire UYRS Grand Prix. If you have children interested in motorsports, STEM programs, or career opportunities, be sure to check out Urban Youth Racing School by clicking the link below.

Click Here: UYRS







Photos: @mdanworld

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