Madden Launch

Madden 23 has officially been released worldwide. Chuck Styles designed the covers for Madden 23 which feature three different variations of the game including the All-Madden Edition as well as the digital version(s). A cover artist video was made highlighting the game and Chuck Styles by EA Sports which premiered the day after Madden 23 was released. When you watch the video, it'll hopefully give you a better idea as to why this collaboration with EA Sports is so meaningful to Chuck as well as getting a better understanding of the artist and his approach for this monumental moment. Madden has and will continue to be a staple for years to come and Chuck's artwork will now forever be apart of the Madden legacy. Now that this opportunity has come to fruition, it may sound cliche but this is truly a dream come true.

Check out the EA Madden23 Cover Artist video below.

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